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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


“Ride the crazy wheel of the twenty-first century

Well a million miles have come and gone

And there’s nothing left to bleed

Bear the cross of freedom

It burns me like a brand

That’s the price of miracles

The price of human demand

And the things I love they seem to allude me now

My time is raindrops falling on a rusty plow”
Last Train To Eden by Peter Mayer, Roger Guth, Jim Mayer

“Bear the cross of freedom, it burns me like a brand.”

This week we find ourselves East of Eden. Due to our own choices and brokenness we find ourselves outside of Paradise. The cheering which took place on Sunday is quickly turning to worry and fear.

The baptismal font in the devotion is from St. James Piccadilly-London. It’s the font where William Blake was baptized. I like it because you can see Adam and Eve next to the tree.  Learn more HERE.   

We are making our journey to another tree, the cross. Much has been written about how this “tree” is present or absent in many theologies and even church buildings today. Jesus knew loneliness He knew abandonment. He felt betrayal, shame and pain. This wondrous love we celebrate came at a cost.

Today I’m meditating on the cost of discipleship. I’m grateful for what Jesus did for the world.


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