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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hot Cross Buns

+Easter Vigil+

Welcome child into our family

Washed in water, reborn and free

A sign on your forehead and your heart

The cross that never will depart
Allelujah Allelujah 
Allelujah come and sing

Stirrin’ up the water
 Stirrin’ up my soul

A Light comes to the darkness

Come and make me whole

Oh Stir it up, stir it up, Oh Lord
The call goes out to near and distant lands

Come all you children into my hands

Grow like branches on the living tree

Washed in water, reborn and free
Allelujah Allelujah 
Allelujah now we sing

Comfort and joy the spirit brings

In darkest trials, drink from the spring

Hear the promise that no time could ever hold

It’s forever, for young and old
Allelujah Allelujah 
Allelujah Lord we sing
Stirrin’ Up the Water  by Peter Mayer

I’m making hot cross buns today. It’s a custom a started long ago with our daughter Hannah Grace. We’re not together this year, but I’m thinking about her as I “stir up” and stir in all the ingredients. The spices are what get me the most. Nutmeg, cinnamon and all spice. I think of the women gathering all the spices to “embalm” the body (for there is a balm in Gilead). Their sad, sad souls and hearts were broken.

I beat the eggs and remember one person saying, “you can’t make an omelet unless you break some eggs.” What needs to be “cracked open” in our lives? What needs to be blended together? Right now the dough is “resting” and rising. Shrouded in old tea towels that have been in my wife’s and my family for ages. In our busy 24/7 world when do we Sabbath? God made us to be 24/6 and here we are running around like chickens. Yes, those little chicks that Jesus says he wishes he was like a mother hen for us to gather us under the shadow of God’s wings.

I shared the following quote from Miriam Weinstein the other evening as we “welcomed our 53 first communion participants” to the table.  In a soccer/baseball/hockey/ballet/music lesson driven culture-where is the table?

If this generation forgets what gathering around the table means and can mean-will the table/altar up front look like a big desk? And with portable tablets and phones, what is a desk even all about?

But, even though I ask these questions, I believe. I believe in the power of eating and drinking together. I believe in gathering around each other in a circle. I know the transformational power of spices. I trust that the little bite of bread and sip of wine that we hand out is truly given and shed FOR YOU, for the forgiveness of sins.

Families who eat supper together…discourage smoking, drug use and teen pregnancy.
Families who eat supper together…position their kids to do better in school
Families who eat supper together…pass on their ethnic, familial and religious heritage
Families who eat supper together…help prevent eating disorders and obesity
Families who eat supper together…build their kids’ literacy, vocabulary and conversational skills
Families who eat supper together…teach their kids manners
Families who eat supper together…promote a sense of resilience that will last a lifetime
Families who eat supper together…enjoy each other more as a family

The Surprising Power of Family Meals: How Eating Together Makes Us Smarter, Stronger, Healthier, and Happier 
by Miriam Weinstein

Allelujah now we SING!



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